5 essentials for your organization's system security

5 Essentials for your Organization’s System Security!

If cyber attackers gain access to your organizations infrastructure, it is disturbing and a threat to your organization’s system security. However, the effects can be controlled if organizations take preventive measures by analyzing which assets might interest the attackers and invest in system security solutions to protect them in the first place.

Here’s what to keep an eye on, to maximize your organization system security:

5 Essentials for Organization's System Security!

1. Personal data in your system

This is one of the wanted information that attackers search for personal data (related to whether customers or employees) are used as a Bargaining chip in a ransomware attack. The potential publication and broadcasting of such information will not only lead to loss of reputation and potential lawsuits from the victims, but also cause problems with regulators (which in regions with strict laws on the processing and storage of personal data is fraught with impressive fines).

Secondly, there is a fairly large market for personal data on the dark-net in some cases, hackers can try to monetize it there resulting in even greater damage and chances of confidential information falling into potential rivals who may use it to cause greater harms to your organization.

In order to minimize the chances of personal data falling into the wrong hands, we recommend to:

  1. Store them in encrypted form
  2. Minimize the number of employees with access to such information, and
  3. Minimize the amount of information collected

Financial applications in the organization's system

2. Financial applications in the organization’s system

A whole class of malware is deployed to hunt down devices with electronic payment systems and other installed financial applications. This ensures that the hacker gets direct access to the company’s money – one successful substitution of the addressee of the transaction can turn into a huge financial loss for the company.

Recently, especially in small companies, this kind of software is increasingly used on mobile devices, which make the company officials an easy target for cyber attack and ransomware.

In order not to lose finances, it is necessary to exclude the use of financial applications on devices that are not equipped with reliable security solutions.

maximize your organization's system security

3. Passwords to various accounts in the Organization’s system

Attackers are not very interested in targeting and getting access to one device, they often begin to hunt for credentials to access network resources, corporate services or remote access tools. They may even be interested in access to work email, company social networks, or the corps site control panel – all of which can be used to develop an attack on the colleagues of the original victim or on clients and partners.

First, any device from which employees use corporate services or resources should be protected from malware. Secondly, it is worth periodically reminding employees how to properly store passwords (and ideally, provide them with the appropriate application ).

4. Backup information

If a cyber attacker gains access to the company’s network, it will take a long time before he finds something to profit from. The longer he digs, the greater the chance that his activity will be noticed and stopped. Therefore, you should not make it easier for him to work and leave a folder called “backup copy” in a conspicuous place. After all, backups most often store exactly the information that the company is afraid of losing. thus – the most interesting and useful for the attacker.

Backups should be stored on media not connected to the company’s main network, or in specialized cloud system services.

5.Organization’s system development environment

Of course, it is understood that not every company is engaged in software development or installed cyber security system.

On the other hand, there are many small businesses and startups that create any kind of application. If your company is one of them, we recommend that you pay special attention to protecting your development environment. The fact is that in today’s time it is not necessary to be a large company to become a victim of a targeted cyber attack.

It is enough to make an application that is used by large companies or that it has a large user base.

Cyber criminals may try to infiltrate your development environment and make you a link in an attack through the supply chain, and the methods in such attacks, as a rule, are used quite ingeniously so they are difficult to detect.


You should think in advance of the strategy for protecting the development environment and integrate security tools into the development process that work without sacrificing performance.

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5 Essentials for Organization’s System Security!