AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection

AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection

Recently, a LockerGoga attack hit drastically and damaged Norsk Hydro’s network. $40 million loss has been estimated after one week of crippling. According to research and analytics, it was proposed that this attack was mainly due to ransomware. Cyber attackers refused to return all the access unless they get paid a handsome amount. Before 2019, ransomware attacks were considered quite generic for targeting enterprises. For example, Travelex, Maersk suffered a sufficient amount in these attacks.


What are the Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware attacks have surged a lot during the last couple of years. Ransomware is malicious software that can easily encrypt and can get control over computer systems. This form of attack scrambles important data with virtually unbreakable encryption and does not retrieve the data unless a ransom is paid. Once such an attack hits a network’s perimeter and penetrates through its defenses, it gets replicated without being detected and causes unbearable damage throughout the network. Ransomware has a kill chain that is followed to attack security defenses. Conventional security defenses rely on simple features like signatures, rules, and pattern matching stuff, which are easily hit by ransomware. 

AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection
Losses Attributed to Ransomware Attacks

According to the survey from Emsisoft, in 2019, approximately 85 educational institutes, 700 healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware attacks. Recently, Texas school districts also lost $2.3 million that was a colossal loss. Baltimore spent $18 million to address all the damages, caused by 2019’s attack.

AI-Powered Attacks

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated in various applications nowadays through a machine learning algorithm. Through this machine learning, a computer is able to perform specific tasks and they are also able to remove any hurdle in performing that task. However, AI can also be used to attack many network systems like vehicles and other remote devices and they can be easily converted into deadly weapons. AI makes cyber-attacks such as identity theft, password cracking, and denial-of-service attacks, automated, more powerful, and efficient. Larger attacks can as well be used to affect national security, shut down hospitals, and cut power supplies to entire regions. 

AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection
Limitations to Conventional Cyber Security Mechanisms
The traditional cybersecurity techniques can perform threat detection and provide protection accordingly. But, these mechanisms are not capable of detecting, protecting, and mitigating zero-day threats. Zero-day threats are incredibly harmful as only the attacker is familiar with the existence of the attack because of its unknown misbehavior and, they are also not defined in the security system’s database.
AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection
Cybersecurity Mechanism's Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The new advancement in the cyber world is under research and, the cybersecurity mechanisms based on artificial intelligence (AI) to mitigate the threats hurled due to these zero-day attacks. These mechanisms have the objective of generating automatically different attack patents so they can foresee the attackers’ misbehavior. For the last couple of years, AI-based technologies have been restraining data breaches caused by human activities or by malicious software.

How AI protects Against Ransomware Attacks

Artificial Intelligence is considered a pivot point of a technological revolution in this modern era. The main objective behind Artificial Intelligence is to make machines capable of comprehending and performing human actions/decisions through a series of advanced programming. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping under-resourced security operations analysts ahead of threats. To get protection from ransomware attacks, security software incorporating AI is used to detect and resolve the attacked files. These AI models are designed in such a way that they recognize the difference between clean and suspicious files.

NetworkFort is Providing Security Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks can be mitigated by deploying an efficient and smart security system that can work one step ahead of cybercriminals. NetworkFort’s tool NetworkFort can block all these ransomware attacks and prevent them from entering the network system. This NetworkFort is an AI-powered security provider that provides complete security against these spiteful cyber-attacks. With its endpoint protection feature, it causes hindrance to all the suspicious files and sends them back to their initial point. 

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AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware Protection