Cybersecurity Apprenticeship by CCI NoVA & Network Fort


Cybersecurity Apprenticeship by CCI NoVA & Network Fort

CCI NoVA Node, a premier technology innovation hub, has announced a strategic partnership with Network Fort, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, to launch an apprenticeship program in cybersecurity. The program aims to provide aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the training and hands-on experience needed to kick-start their careers.

The company offers innovative cyber threat detection training, machine learning technical instructions, data protection, and the identification and elimination of potential malware services. These services are specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMEs). They provide a unique opportunity to connect with businesses of all sizes, enabling them to effectively protect themselves against the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.

“We are excited to partner with CCI NoVA Node to launch this cybersecurity apprenticeship program,” said Wajid Hassan, CEO of Network Fort. “As the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, it is essential to provide aspiring professionals with the necessary training and hands-on experience for success. This program will offer apprentices a unique and valuable learning experience. It reflects the hard work and dedication of our team, committed to delivering an immersive, project-based learning journey and the best possible cybersecurity training courses for enterprises of all sizes.”

“Our commitment lies in providing opportunities for aspiring professionals to develop skills and gain hands-on experience. This program offers a unique chance for individuals to learn from industry experts and engage in real-world cybersecurity projects.”

The inclusion of this content highlights Network Fort’s position as a premier provider of cybersecurity courses and paid internships. It also acknowledges the significant advancements the company has made in a relatively short time.

About CCI NoVA Node

CCI NoVA Node is a highly connected network of organizations, led by a higher education institution, dedicated to strengthening cybersecurity. CCI has established a Commonwealth-wide ecosystem of innovation in cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems (CPS) security. Building upon a strong foundation of research excellence, an innovative higher education system, a thriving ecosystem for venture capital investment and high-growth companies, and an unmatched concentration of cybersecurity talent, CCI continues to expand its reach.

About Network Fort

Established in 2022, Network Fort is a cybersecurity solution provider that addresses both traditional and advanced cyber threats in real-time. It delivers effective defense mechanisms through network and data traffic analysis to organizations of all sizes. It provides insight and visibility to stay ahead of potential attacks by displaying live network performance data to identify traffic spikes indicating intruders, Network Fort responds to threats in real time, alleviating the pressure on its users.

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Cybersecurity Apprenticeship by CCI NoVA & Network Fort