Secure Sensitive Data Across Cloud Environments

Cloud Security Platform

To combat this challenge and to eliminate the chances of cloud breach,NetworkFort has come up with a unique cyber product called NetworkFort which deploys AI and machine learning approach to IDS to enhance cloud security.

NetworkFort uses AI algorithms to learn from traditional data. It analyses data patterns and based on the analysis, it processes data and self-adjusts based on those data patterns, thus, NetworkFort’s insights become more valuable.

That’s why NetworkFort includes AI integrated cloud IDS capabilities as part of its security essentials. With NetworkFort, you can deploy one platform for intrusion detection, asset investigation, vulnerability evaluation, log management, and behavioural monitoring for all your cloud and on‑premises infrastructure. Thus, it saves your valuable time and money compared to integrating traditional security solutions

NetworkFort brings a fundamental shift from prevention to real-time cyber threat detection, keeping businesses a step ahead of cyber attackers. Our AI integrated IDs technology rules out traditional signature-based IDS and helps businesses that shift their workloads and services to public cloud infrastructure like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Apart of it, NetworkFort delivers remarkable security benefits to private and hybrid cloud which traditional security systems can’t provide. That’s because when you monitor for cyber threats and intrusions in the cloud, traditional intrusion detection systems (IDS) can’t deliver complete visibility of cloud environments.