Critical Infrastructure under Cybersecurity Attacks

Critical Infrastructure Under Cybersecurity Attacks

Cyber-attacks can significantly impact critical infrastructure that can damage your business reputation and erode trust. Unfortunately, the vulnerability of vital infrastructure to Cyberattacks has become a considerable concern.

There are new mitigation techniques that are being employed to combat the threats. Unfortunately, there have been several successful attacks on infrastructure review. The concept is that criminals can shut down power grades or transportation networks.

A new age of Malware is explicitly targeting the critical infrastructure, including supervisory control and data acquisition techniques. A successful attack on the necessary infrastructure services may undermine the country’s economic stability and significantly affect people’s standard of living.

According to a research report, it has been observed that Cybersecurity attacks upon critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries are more likely to target industrial control systems than stealing data. Disable essential security of infrastructure comes to the forefront, and a successful attack on the services of critical infrastructure may undermine the country’s economic stability.

Because of creating a successful attack at a small cost, cybercriminals are now attempting so many attacks, which lead to severe destruction.

  • Power generation and its distribution become more complex
  • Increment in the vulnerability of critical infrastructure
  • Tactical failure becomes a real concern among security specialist
  • Cyberattack targets a control system of critical infrastructure
  • Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure can result in the theft of valuable, sensitive data

We cannot stop 100 percent of attacks, but we can create Technologies to deal with these kinds of attacks.


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Critical Infrastructure under Cybersecurity Attacks