Cyber Security Solutions and Services

Cyber Security Solutions and Services

Network Fort Team continuously assesses network security threats and vulnerabilities to our client’s information system to reduce potential damage from such events. We can perform strategic analysis, issue warnings/alerts, and coordinate response and recovery efforts related to threats against the company’s information systems.

1.Incident Handling
  • Provide timely technical assistance to operators of the company’s information systems regarding security incidents, including guidance on malware detection and handling IT security incidents.
  • Compile and analyze information about incidents that threaten information security.
  • Information operations of company’s information systems about current and potential information security threats and vulnerabilities,
  • The SOC will also provide remediation efforts to recover from an incident
cyber security solutions of networkfort
Key benefits:
  • Provides an effective plan for crisis communication and actions during incidents.
  • Identifies indicators of compromise and causes of the incident.
  • Provides recommendations to prevent future incidents.
  • Discovery of malicious or unauthorized software or actions.
  • Remediation of intrusions


2.Vulnerability Assessment

As new systems and applications are introduced to the company’s network environment, the soc will perform an assessment of these systems. The analysis will include an assessment of the system’s ability to comply with the company’s guidelines and policies; this will also include a comparison of the security controls in place, best practices, mitigations, or compensation controls that may be in place. Part of these assessments will also include penetration tests.

3.Compliance Monitoring

The SOC runs the company’s compliance monitoring process. This includes running regularly scheduled scans of the company’s networking environment and associated systems. These monitoring processes ensure that the company’s systems are configured per the company’s configuration and security guidelines.

Complying with Federal, State, industry, or customer-mandated regulations or standards can be a confusing, complicated process. Our compliance engagements help you to define where you stand currently and provide a roadmap to address any gaps in your compliance. Our engagements can help you implement the required pieces to comply as well, such as preparing proper plans and documentation as well as building out a process and procedures to remain compliant.

             Key benefits:

  • Easy to digest gap analysis reporting.
  • Compliance Scorecard.
  • Budget-friendly and customizable.
4.Enterprise Security Testing
  • Static code Analysis program supporting the development of secure code throughout the company’s programmatic services applications.
  • Penetration Testing Program to provide additional layers of security for the company’s network and increase the overall security posture of the company.
  • Vulnerability Management to assure that assets on the network are appropriately patched and maintained with remediation needs quickly identified and implemented.
  • Data Loss Prevention Program Identifies monitors and protects the company’s sensitive data from unauthorized use or transmission.
5.Situational Awareness

We continuously monitor various news and security sites, as new events are released, they will be assessed to determine the impact to the company and composition controls that are in place.

6.Network Intrusion Detection Services

One of the main functions of the SOC will be to maintain and operate the company’s network intrusion detection systems. These systems include both network-based and host-based systems. These systems monitor for and generate alerts on unauthorized or malicious activity. These alerts will be analyzed and if required remediation process will be taken to mitigate the threats that are detected.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence-based Network Intrusion and Detection System for Cloud Computing environments and SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications will protect your organization’s network will protect and keep you informed of any irregular activity in your network.

The integration of NetworkFort in your network provides an end-to-end network security solution for your enterprise to detect and quickly respond to cybersecurity threats. It deploys machine learning and AI to detect crucial threats, compromised accounts, and other network anomalies. A friendly user interface allows security team’s easy access to respond to threats.

NetworkFort has been designed by our team to root out highly threatening evolving attacks using Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it protects the network and gives in-depth constructive insights into the organization’s network activity. The visualization of the insights makes it easier for non-technical stakeholders to understand the data.

NetworkFort uses AI to capture intrusions that can be overlooked in a signature-based intrusion detection system. NetworkFort is based on Behavioral Analytics/Anomaly detection algorithms, which set it apart from similar cyber products. Briefly, NetworkFort is an evolved solution to the current cyber issues the traditional security systems have failed to resolve.

7.Forensic Service

Our IT Security team will thoroughly investigate the incident while keeping you informed of all results. Computer forensic investigation can be performed during incident response handling or independently, depending on your needs. Our experts leverage elite cyber threat intelligence to investigate the breach, determine its likely cause, report progress to appropriate parties as required by PCI Security Standards Council, and help you contain and eradicate the threat from your environment as quickly as possible.

8.Cyber Security Training

We provide Cybersecurity training designed to teach mid-level to senior-level roles participating in the information security domain to engage all functional levels within the enterprise to deliver information system security. Numerous topics have been identified in this training: Science Defense, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, Risk, Audit, Management, Penetration Testing, Industrial Control System Security, Current Software Development. Each of which is essential to securing a modern enterprise. .

These topics include inter alia plans and policies, enterprise roles, security metrics, risk management, standards and regulations, physical security, and business continuity. Each piece of the puzzle must be in place for the enterprise to achieve its security goals; adversaries will invariably find and exploit weak links.

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9.Cyber Security Risk Consulting

We can assess a range of international and domestic security and cooperation issues, including threat identification, mitigation, security controls, cybersecurity conflict resolution, and governance problems affecting information security.

We can study risks and opportunities for large enterprise and government entities for technology owners, decision-makers, policymakers, and other parties. In today’s volatile environment, stakeholders demand current, objective, and independent assessments of the Cyber Security complex state of affairs. Our team of experts distinguishes between fact and fiction to provide timely insights into current events in the Information Security arena.

Cyber Security Solutions and Services