AI tools in Cybersecurity

Enhancing Organizational Capabilities with AI Tools

Numerous challenges encountered by enterprises often require AI and machine learning solutions. AI tools offer such an amazing feature to enhance organizational capabilities such as automated decision power, boosting predictive analysis, data analysis, and data theft detection, cyber threat protection and a lot more.

Enhancing organizational capabilities with AI tools

Why AI tool is the technology of the next generation?

In today’s age, all leading organizations deploy AI-based tools for their digital transformation. It helps companies in growing their business and marketing their top-notch products. It also helps in hiring the right people, automating the company’s finances, increasing the customer satisfaction ratio, identifying fraud, detecting cyber intrusion, and a lot more. AI tools enhance businesses’ productivity by automating the processes. With AI tools, enterprises can customize the solutions specific to a problem that usually humans can’t do.

Some statistics of AI

• About 84% of marketing companies implemented AI and machine learning-enabled products in 2018
• About 75% of businesses used AI and machine learning solutions to increase customer satisfaction by 10% in 2018
• Corporate investment in AI was tripled in 2017 and it’s expected that it will become a $100 billion market by 2025.
• In 2016, $5 billion investment was recorded in machine learning venture.
• A recent survey found that about 44% of US customers prefer chatbots rather than humans.

NetworkFort, a promising AI tool

NetworkFort is an AI integrated intrusion detection system that not only protects your assets from emerging cyber threats but also enables your organization to enhance its capabilities using predictive analysis. NetworkFort offers a wide range of services for industries pertaining to finance, health, retail, government, defence and the list goes on. For instance, Tiyara can detect any fraudulent transaction for e-commerce business. It also predicts customer behavior.
With NetworkFort integration, you don’t need to stress over minor details as NetworkFort does all the tasks of monitoring network and data, identifying intrusions, predicting data flow and a lot more.

Enhancing organizational capabilities with AI tools