Enabling The Latest Advancement In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are also subjected to critical cyber threats which keep them on their toes to eliminate the risks associated with any minor intrusion in electronic health records can cause serious data breaches and may lead healthcare companies to shut down.

Health Care

2015 was a record year for health care sector as 113 million records were compromised. In 2016, about 78 million patient records were stolen.

The outbreak of Wannacry and Petya in 2017 had shut down computers in more than 80 Hospitals in England alone, that resulted in almost 20,000 cancelled appointments, 600 GP surgeries had to return to pen and paper, and five hospitals had to divert ambulances and hospitals were unable to handle any more emergency cases.

Considering the crucial threats that health care pose, NetworkFort offers a platform to secure devices, deploy advanced AI based IDSs and design methodology to guarantee risk free cyber environment as well as keeping up with the HIPAA standards and framework. 

With its highly adaptive and straightforward cyber threat identification, NetworkFort ensures a secure healthcare ecosystem, without compromising the speed and efficiency of IT systems and infrastructures or adding complexity to critical processes.

NetworkFort identifies cyberattacks such as ransomware, DDoS , social engineering attacks and other malware variations. It Identifies the compromised medical IoT devices that are typically used as a carrier to carry out a targeted cyber-attacks and flags abnormal behavior emerging in your network by using predictive behavioural analytics.