NetworkFort IT Security Solutions
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IT Security Solutions

Providing a high level of network security, NetworkFort protects data by encrypting it at the time of creation and keeps it encrypted when it is sent on cloud-based storage applications. Email content and attachments are also protected in the form of encrypted pdf.


By implementing the approach of Artificial intelligence, NetworkFort can detect hidden attacks on crucial data at an early stage.  The ultimate blend of machine learning algorithms and predictive behavioral analytics to provide actionable insight.


If any unusual behavior or inappropriate device connection is recognized, an immediate response is guaranteed without compromising security.  NetworkFort is able to identify even a minor data breach, device misconfiguration, policy violation, and anomalies in traditional behavior in a data flow.

Since an internal host within a network obtains significant data from numerous internal servers to send it to an external system, therefore, any kind of attempt to tamper with data can result in huge trouble and loss. For such cases, Network Fort is a machine learning-powered solution that detects and protects against variant malware, ransomware, trojans, and other cyber threats.