Penetration Testing for High Schools website

It is the need of this hour that high school students must be trained in ICT to instill cybersecurity skills in them. These skills will imply the understanding of cyber threats and their mitigation methods in students.

Nowadays, the hacking threat has alarmingly evolved and, cybercriminals didn’t exempt even the school students.

Security of an educational institute’s network and its data is a prime responsibility of that institute and, it must be ensured at every cost. There are substantial confidential files, data, and information of students, staff, and other institute’s workers. This data is sensitive and abundant so cyber attackers hit this data due to numerous reasons. Firstly, the sophistication of cybercriminals has increased a lot during the last couple of years and, they target any sort of data that has some worth. Secondly, they target school data and information for financial gains, or through ransomware attacks, they ask for ransom.  

Penetration Testing for High Schools website

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a technique to gauge the security levels of an application or website involving complete assessment, analysis, and continuation of simulated cyber-attacks. The core aim is to penetrate the application to check its defense mechanisms to find any vulnerable area. These vulnerable areas are weak spots to be attacked by hackers and, they can easily intrude and exploit confidentiality and integrity.

Penetration Testing for High Schools website

Types of pen tests

Open-box pen test – In an open-box test, the tester is provided with some information by the organization regarding the security information

Closed-box pen test – In a closed-box test, also called ‘single-blind’ test, the tester is not provided with any information

Covert pen test – In this test, the whole company is incognizant of the test happening including the IT and security professionals who will be responding to the attack.

External pen test – In an external test, the ethical hacker goes up against the company’s external-facing technology, such as their website and external network servers.

Internal pen test – In an internal test, the ethical hacker performs the test from the company’s internal network.

Penetration Testing for High Schools website

Penetration Testing is performed by whom?

It is performed by a person who has little knowledge about the network’s security system and they are generally referred to as ‘Ethical Hackers’. They have no idea how the system is secured and they are blind to the spots which are secured through defense mechanisms. These ethical hackers have certifications for this testing and they have experience in this field.

Penetration Testing for High Schools website

Stages of Penetration Testing

Following are some stages of Penetration Testing:

Penetration Testing for High Schools website

Logic finder offers Penetration Testing

Logic finder offers Penetration Testing for High Schools website in a much-secured way. These tests will have no impact on the host network on which the test is performed. Without causing any damage or intrusion to the network, these tests will identify any vulnerability, if it exists. Our team also provides the remediation plan in case of threat identification and offers the pertinent cybersecurity services. We also provide an action plan to secure the network system from upcoming cyber threats and intrusions in the long run.

Services, the NetworkFort is providing in Penetration Testing

  • External and internal vulnerability assessment
  • Mobile application penetration testing
  • Host network testing
  • Firewall testing
  • Website penetration testing
  • Wireless network penetration testing

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Penetration Testing for High Schools website