“Scale up  your risk and cybersecurity functions to keep your business operating with confidence”
AI driven Cyber security

AI Driven Cyber Platform

With the integration of AI in the line of cyber defence against network anomalies and cyber security threats, NetworkFort helps enterprises to identify crucial threat to help security teams quickly respond to cybersecurity threats.

NetworkFort deploys machine learning to detect threats, compromised accounts, and protect against malware, ransomware, trojans and other cyber threats.

Providing better visibility within the cyber environment, NetworkFort proceeds ahead of cybersecurity threats. We deploy artificial intelligence to distinguish between critical risks and routine network activity. Using a predictive behavioral solution, NetworkFort identifies strings of abnormal activities that result in attacks and helps the security teams get ahead of those attacks. 

NetworkFort’s AI driven cyber security platform helps enterprises prevent a wide variety of cyber security attacks ranging from data breaches, phishing attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross VM attacks to man in the middle attack, ARP spoofing, cloud malware injection attack and VM isolation attack and assist in securing their system

NetworkFort helps businesses identify suspicious activity before it penetrates their networks. Our AI driven cyber platform, offers preventive measures and visibility across endpoints for customers in industries including finance, healthcare and e-commerce. We constantly examine data and compare it against routine data sources to give enterprises an early insight into vulnerabilities.


NetworkFort is user friendly and can be deployed on any system including cloud service providers, SaaS , PaaS and IaaS applications.

With integration of NetworkFort in your network, it provides an end-to-end security solution for your enterprise to detect and quickly respond to cybersecurity threats. It deploys machine learning and AI to detect crucial threats, compromised accounts and other network anomalies. A friendly user interface allows security teams easy access to respond to threats.

NetworkFort has been designed by our team to root out highly threatening evolving attacks using Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it protects the network and also gives in-depth constructive insights of the organizations network activity. The visualization of the insights makes it easier for non-technical stakeholders to easily understand the data. NetworkFort uses AI to capture intrusions that can be over-looked in a signature-based intrusion detection system. NetworkFort is based on Behavioural Analytics/Anomaly detection algorithms which sets it apart from similar other cyber products. In a nutshell, NetworkFort is an evolved solution to the current cyber-issues the traditional security systems have failed to resolve