Cyber Insurance Coverage

In today’s digital age, businesses are more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats. Various forms of application-based attacks pose significant cybersecurity threats. These include SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting incidents, XML signature wrapping attacks, cloud-based malware intrusions, injection attacks targeting cloud services, phishing attacks and social engineering tactics, password reset manipulations, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Role […]

Exploring Cyber Security: Types, and Defense Solution

Cybersecurity is the application of technologies, processes, and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices, and data from cyberattacks. It aims for information security to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect against the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies. What are the types of cybersecurity, and how does it work? The cybersecurity field […]

Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Machine Learning for Cyber Security In the world of cyber security, there are two main types of attack detection techniques: signature-based cyber security and anomaly-based cyber security. They share a common application of machine learning methods. Signatures that accurately detect malicious code’s code and behavior are being built with the help of machine learning techniques. […]