Network Fort participated in SCSP AI Expo


Wajid Hassan, CEO of Network Fort, had the honor of attending the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) AI Expo in Washington, DC. The event marked a significant milestone for national security and presented exciting opportunities for contributing to the country’s advancements in AI technology.

CEO Engagement

Network Fort extends heartfelt gratitude to SCSP’s Ylli Bajraktari, Diana Gehlhaus, and Andina P., as well as a special thanks to Uranik B. for facilitating valuable connections.

Reflecting on the event, Wajid described the SCSP AI Expo and the Ash Carter Exchange as inspiring experiences featuring enlightening sessions, esteemed speakers, and vibrant exhibitors. Thousands attended the event over two action-packed days, showcasing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity solutions.

During the expo, Wajid Hassan had a productive meeting with Katie Helbling to discuss the event’s highlights. He also connected with Sanaa Hooda and learned about other significant contributors to the expo.

We express gratitude for engaging in insightful discussions on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with Matt Taylor, lemphasizing the critical roe of cybersecurity in manufacturing engineering. Additionally, conversations with Sid Probstein highlighted the essential role of small businesses in fostering strong public-private partnerships, vital for successful economic development. Our talks encompassed various topics, from cybersecurity to Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) projects and contracts.

A notable highlight of the event was the opportunity to meet Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google. Schmidt’s captivating insights on AI technology and its transformative impact sparked profound discussions about the country’s readiness for the AI era.

CEO Engagement

Network Fort appreciates the platform provided by the SCSP AI Expo to showcase its products and partnerships, emphasizing how Network Fort is making a tangible difference for individuals and businesses. We look forward to participating in next year’s event, anticipating more groundbreaking discussions and opportunities.