Nowadays attackers are keen to find the most valuable way to enter a system, there are many backdoors that hackers can use, and one of them is to attack through encryption. attackers have realized that encrypted traffic is also a wonderful and inconspicuous way to spread malware and other malicious content among users and organizations and secretly exfiltrate stolen data from users and organizations.

Countering Encrypted Attacks With NetworkFort

Encryption :

Simply encryption is the process of keeping our data safe on the internet from unauthorized access, and that encrypted form of data is called a cipher. Cipher term is used for the encryption of data. Encryption in cybersecurity is the conversion of data from a readable format to an encoded format. Encrypted data can only be read or processed after it has been decrypted.

Encryption is a fundamental building block of data security. It is the simplest and most important way to ensure that information on a computer system cannot be stolen and read by someone who wants to use it for malicious purposes.

Data security encryption is widely used by individual users and large companies to protect user information sent between the browser and the server. This information can include everything from payment information to personal information. Data encryption software, also known as an encryption algorithm or cipher, is used to develop an encryption scheme that can theoretically be broken only with a large amount of computing power.

When information or data is shared over the Internet, it passes through a series of network devices around the world that form part of the public Internet. As data travels over the public Internet, there is a chance that it could be compromised or stolen by hackers. To prevent this, users can install specific software or hardware to ensure the secure transmission of data or information. These processes are known in network security as encryption.

Encryption Algorithms:

Examples are DES encryption, 3DESencryption, AES encryption, RSA encryption, Twofish encryption, and RC4 encryption.

Attackers have rapidly increased and gained interest in encrypted attacks that make such a high flow increase in recent years. The rate of attackers has increased up to 314% per year since 2019 Which contributes to a 256 percent increase in SSL-encrypted attacks.

NetworkFort solution :

Through AI and ML :

NetworkFort deploys artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide the highest level of visibility and better insight into the entire cyber security system. It provides an advanced level of security through its automated response to prevent and mitigate threats. It only performs the tasks of identifying and responding to threats in real time, reducing the pressure on your shoulders.

NetworkFort provides enhanced security, better control, increased efficiency, and faster threat detection, analysis, and mitigation. NetworkFort deploys predictive behavioral analytics based on machine learning to detect network anomalies to provide an enterprise-wide defense mechanism and provide a forecast for potential attacks.

Through Traffic analysis :

NetworkFort uses traffic analysis for the detection of attacks. Traffic analysis uses information such as geographic location, number of requests made, and previously known domain history to separate normal traffic from any anomaly in traffic. It simply adds a baseline for what normal encrypted attack behavior looks like in a normal attack and then it give an alert about the suspicious logs. So the system will automatically block it or only give an alert about it.

Conclusion :

If you want to prevent your organization from these types of attacks and need a high level of security and make your organization safe from these types of rapidly increased attacks, we have a solution which is Networkfort. It is a great cybersecurity solution that protects your organization from malicious independents and attackers.  Networkfort uses Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms to protect you from the currently spread attacks.