DDOS Attack Detection with NetworkFort Solution

DDOS Attack Detection with NetworkFort Solution

DDOS attacks are one of the most common network security threats today. The problem is that there isn’t a lot of information about its execution and it’s hard to predict when and where attacks will occur. Fortunately, you can use our NetworkFort Solution to protect your networks from DDoS attack traffic before they reach your network stack.

A DDOS Attack is a situation in which multiple compromised systems attack a single target, either to disable the system or slow down the network. These attacks can be directed at one specific IP address or multiple IP addresses at once. The perpetrators of these attacks are often cyber criminals and they use botnets to launch them.

What a DDOS Attack really is?

Botnets are groups of computers infected with malware that allow them to be used as part of an automated process for launching DDoS Attacks on other computers within their range.

DDOS Attack Detection with NetworkFort Solution

This kind of attack is called Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) because it involves flooding services with traffic from many different sources until they fail under pressure from all those connections coming from different locations simultaneously through multiple points around the globe

Modern Threats Are Becoming More Sophisticated

The attack is launched via botnets, where computers are infected by malware and controlled without their owners’ knowledge.

Today, threats are becoming more sophisticated as time progresses. This is due to the fact that new vulnerabilities are being discovered and malware is becoming more sophisticated. Attacks are also becoming harder to detect and more frequent.

To combat these issues, we developed a software solution that detects DDoS attacks at the network level and prevents them from being launched against your website or server in real time.

DDOS Attack Detection with NetworkFort Solution

Variants Of Malware

In today’s world, malware continues to be released into cyberspace undetected. This results in many organizations being left vulnerable to a wide range of attacks, including DDoS attacks.

The sophistication of the malware is often one of the reasons why it is not detected by traditional anti-virus software or firewalls. The nature of this type of attack makes it difficult for most users to identify and understand what has happened during an incident.

How NetworkFort Prevent DDoS Attacks?

DDOS attacks are often used by hackers to disrupt networks or even steal information from them. They’re also used as a means of extortion, where they threaten to take down your website unless you pay them money.

NetworkFort prevents DDoS attacks is two ways. 
1. Black Hole Filtering to Prevent DDoS Attack

The first way is by preventing traffic from reaching your networks by utilizing anycast routing with blackhole filtering. Anycast routing is a method of sending data to multiple nodes on a TCP/IP network, rather than just one location like traditional IP addressing. This helps reduce the amount of bandwidth your company uses and improves performance overall because it allows you to send traffic where it needs to go instead of blindly sending it everywhere as traditional routing protocols do.

Black hole filtering prevents external sources from accessing certain resources on your network unless they are specifically listed in their request headers as allowed services or recipients (such as DNS queries). Black hole filtering works by blocking requests that contain unauthorized ports or protocol types such as TCP/UDP port 53 (DNS), ICMP echo request/response packets (ping) or SMTP messages requesting server information about hosts within an organization’s internal perimeter defense system

2. Filtering Out Bad Traffic to Terminate DDoS Attack

The second way NetworkFort Solution works is by filtering out bad traffic before it hits your network stack, which allows only good traffic through and terminating DDoS attack traffic at our edge servers.

The first thing that happens when a packet enters our system is that it’s matched against a whitelist of legitimate IP addresses. If it matches any of those in the whitelist, then we know that this packet has some value to us and can be processed further without any issue or risk. If you’ve ever had to deal with malware or viruses on your computer system before then you know how important it is to regularly scan for new threats—this same concept applies here.

DDOS attack prevention with Networkfort


DDOS attacks are often used by hackers to disrupt networks or even steal information from them. NetworkFort Solution is designed to detect DDOS attacks and prevent them from reaching your network. With this in mind, we hope that you find this article useful in understanding how NetworkFort Solution can protect against them.

DDOS Attack Detection with NetworkFort Solution