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NetworkFort presents a powerful network & cyber environment analysis tool, NetworkFort , that employs AI algorithms and machine learning approach to identify crucial cyber threats in their earliest stages. Using behavioural predictive analytics, NetworkFort , prevents any intruder to get into your network and blocks the access the gateway. With end point security, NetworkFort , ensures highest level of security with enhanced transparency across your enterprise.

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NetworkFort provides a comprehensive platform for network security monitoring and NetworkFort detection by deploying network and data traffic analysis. With its collective 100 years of experience, NetworkFort has taken a step ahead to ensure 100% cyber security ruling out traditional signature-based approach. Today, NetworkFort serve a wide range of industries with hundreds of satisfied clients.


AI Powered Automated Cyber Security

Network Fort deploys AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide greatest level of visibility with increased insight into the entire cyber security system. It provides advanced level of security via its automated response for threat prevention and mitigation. It alone performs the tasks of identifying and responding threats in real time thus, lessening pressure off your shoulders. Network Fort threat response provides improved security, better control, increased efficiency and a faster threat detection, analysis and mitigation


Predictive Behavioral Analytics

NetworkFort deploys machine learning based predictive behavioral analytics to detect network anomalies in order to provide defence mechanism across entire enterprise well as to provide a forecast for potential attacks. NetworkFort , with its AI-enriched feature, detects a data breach before it actually happens. It provides transparency to enable analysts to explore the source of malicious traffic in order to catch suspicious activities before any serious crises.


Cyber AI Platform Security:

Using artificial intelligence, NetworkFort provides paramount security for cloud infrastructure (SaaS, PaaS, Iaas), IoT, email, network, system and software-based attacks. NetworkFort AI-enriched feature provides, smarter detection, faster response to differentiate between critical threats and routine network activity thus, helping in identifying suspicious activities that result in crucial attacks thereby, helping security teams to get ahead of those attacks. NetworkFort deploys NetworkFort as a quick solution to detect threats, compromised accounts, data breach, privilege abuse and network anomalies. Its advanced user interface allows security teams to quickly respond to attacks.

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