Network fort proved to be scalable and in line with our current Network infrastructure. We availed their Solution as we suspected some emails had malign content that had already reached into our network and it was totally worth it. NetworkFort NDR ensured that the data is encrypted while in transition between our datacenters and also while uploading it to our cloud storages. Hats off to their impeccable Team who delivered Professional services while deploying the solution, training and guiding us throughout the journey.
Cynthia Brooks
We are amazed how NetworkFort improved our security posture. NetworkFort integrated Artificial intelligence IDS technology is great for containing any ransomware attack. They can process upto 10 GB of data inline. Once you trust Network fort for threat prevention, you dont need to look back on anything. All the features of the product works very well. Highly recommended.
Network Fort provides one of the best cyber defense against network anomalies and cyber security threats. I would say that it’s a seamless choice if any business needs an AI Driven Cyber Platform. The pricing is very good and reasonable. Moreover, they deployed machine learning techniques that immediately detected threats, ransomware and Trojans in our network. Our cyber security needs were fully met by this company.
We hired Network Fort team for data protection services. Our overall experience with NetworkFort was excellent at every stage of the process.The team was highly informed, very informative, and very skilled. NetworkFort made sure our network infrastructure safe from the latest perimeter threats such as bots, hacks and breaches.
Allen Jacob
We have experienced that there is no better alternative for email security than NetworkFort, whether it is used in large or small enterprises.The deployment of NetworkFort assists in finding and eliminating any potential malware that can cause havoc in the network.
carl Anderson
Project Manager
We were introduced to NetworkFort about a year ago as we were trying to identify CyberSecurity solutions for our aging networks. We were advised that the firewall from a renowned company is good enough to identify threats as they are coming. Our Operations system got attacked on December 22nd by a virus that we didn't realize penetrated our network. We had not realized the impact of the absence of an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System. In a moment of panic, we immediately contacted Network Fort! And guess what? our system was working the next day! Virtus was removed from the systems and we deployed NetworkFort. So lucky to know somebody who can help you without wasting your time! I already told my colleagues about Network Fort and anybody who gets a victim of Ransomware!
Chad Harrison
Systems Administrator
Our systems were compromised with Rapid Ransomware and all computers went down and we didn't have access. We contacted a couple of companies that we found on the internet, but nobody seemed to be able to quickly resolve the problem. I was so worried, but then a friend told us about Network Fort and how they helped him recover his data from a virus and they were my last chance. The understanding and the detailed incident response from the team were incredible. Our computers were running 30 hours later. As part of the solution we also installed NetworkFort (Network Detection and Response) in our environment and today we can detect threats such as Ransomware, anomalous behavior, and attacks hidden in encrypted traffic. Thanks a lot!! Very recommended!
Sean Paul
Network Manager
We were attacked with ransomware using an exploit in our VMWare servers. NetworkFort team was able to identify, triage, and remove the ransomware from our network in less than 2 days. Our system was infected with Phobos ransomware and we weren't able to generate invoices or accept payments. We are located in Delaware USA, and the service and the communication of the NetworkFort team were pretty much on spot. It helps when you are in the same time zone. We were recommended to deploy NetworkFort solution and we did, This has now helped us discover some previously unidentified threat actors because our system was unpatched and out of VMware, windows, and Active Directory licensing. The powerful GUI of NetworkFort is able to showcase any of the lurking threats and anomalous behavior within our network systems. I can recommend Network Fort NDR Solution with full confidence.
Demitri Krutz
IT Manager
I have been using Network Fort services for the past few years now after bad experience with other IT and Cyber Security companies. I can assure that if I have a problem at ANY time, it will be resolved. I love the 24/7 service. I have been given solutions for all my computer and cloud needs as well as full data recovery that was restored after losing almost everything!!! Highly recommended for the professionalism, service, solutions, and fair rates.
Adam David
Thank you Network Fort for helping me recover my data from a rapid ransomware! Wajid and his team did a great job also their customer service is on the highest level! I highly recommend Network Fort!
Sara Abraham
Marketing Manager
Best cyber security service out there! I got hacked by Dharma Bip and Network Fort handled things immediately when I called them. My files were encrypted with a combination of encryption algorithms as they explained to me and there is no way a random person can unlock it. Luckily Network Fort's team did not disappoint! They actually recovered my files and data in a day!
My office system got hacked on May 16th 2019 by a virus that corrupted all my files and data! I contacted Network Fort and they assisted me with the issue recovering everything within 48 hours! I had no problem with the system since then!
Mark Brown
Landscape Architect
The highly skilled team at NetworkFort ensures data security and detects malware in our system. After implementing significant changes, they help us to protect from the most complex threats. They have excellent services that I highly recommend.
Simon Jose
NetworkFort enabled our team to find and resolve real-time vulnerabilities that could have been exploited. Their professional team helped us keep our platform and our customers safe and secure
James Stephen
BK Technologies
To help us maintain a secure platform for our customers, NetworkFort’s well-researched and professional team of engineers gave us a clear understanding of the incident, handled them, and also leveled up our knowledge. Researchers are engaged and helped us improve security across the company. I will highly recommend NetworkFort as a trusted cybersecurity company.
Luke Aaron
NetworkFort knows how to protect data against cyber threats. We hired NetworkFort’s team for vulnerability assessment. Really impressed with their service as they identified the bugs and validated several security patches. Our team has complete control of the company’s security. Their experienced team helped us to improve our company’s security by up to 50% more than expected. Highly recommend NetworkFort.
Alicce Magellan
Airbus Networks
NetworkFort and its team helped us to take better remediation steps to minimize cyber threats. After identifying critical vulnerabilities they established a security architecture to secure the company’s overall assets. I would recommend NetworkFort as an experienced and professional cyber-security company.
Jerry Alfred
Midland Hospital