data backup strategy to mitigate Cybersecurity attack

What Should Be Your Organization's Data Backup Strategy To Mitigate Cyber Attack ?

Today cyber threats are more frequent and sophisticated than ever. Organizations depend on IT systems, so infrastructure must be protected from infiltration and damage. Typical environments have main controllers, servers, databases, virtualization hosts, backups, and endpoints while using cloud-based solutions. However, some advanced companies have an off-site disaster recovery environment.

For many organizations, even a single attack spell disaster. Cyber attacks in the form of ransomware are now more pervasive and increasing. These attacks no longer trust target production data but also increasingly encrypting or deleting backup copies and leaving the organizations with no option but to surrender.

To mitigate the cybersecurity attacks, organizations must include modern backup solutions as part of the overall security strategy, which provides immunity to ransomware attacks with an immutable file system, role-based access to ensure only authorized users can gain access.

What Should Be Your Organization's data backup strategy to mitigate Cybersecurity attack ?
How can Cyber Attacks Be Resisted?

Below are some of the critical strategies to resist Cybersecurity attacks:

  • Changing the administrator user name to increase security
  • Disable user accounts when too many failed logins occur
  • Add a web filtering product to defend against a host of attacks
  • Introduce patch systems to keep devices secure from known exploits and add anti-viruses to every machine
  • By segmenting the rules of admins to limit the risk of loss due to a compromised administrator account

There are many things both in and out of a company’s control that could lead to the loss of company data. You must have a solution in place that ensures that you will have access to it regardless of what happens.

What Should Be Your Organization's data backup strategy to mitigate Cybersecurity attack ?

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What Should Be Your Company’s data backup strategy to mitigate Cybersecurity attack?